Gjonaj Group Holdings

Who we are

Gjonaj Group was founded with the establishment of INFOTelecom as its 1st subsidiary organization, specializing services and solutions to the telecommunication industry. In the 1st wave of organizations looking for cost effectiveness and efficiency, we were in the forefront of the business by providing organizations with a reliable offshore/outsourcing solution.
One of the most important business groups in the Western Balkans, employing more than 1500 people across 13 countries with more than 14 companies.

Our Group

One of our goals and advantages is to  have a diversified investments portfolio, which enables us to contribute in many areas of the economy. 


Telecommunication is a vital and rapidly evolving industry that connects people and devices across the world. It encompasses a wide range of technologies and services, and it plays a critical role in global communication, information exchange, and economic development.


Buying and selling energy involves the purchase and sale of electrical power or other forms of energy resources in various markets. This process occurs at multiple levels, from large-scale wholesale energy markets to retail markets where consumers buy electricity or other energy forms for their homes or businesses.

Real Estate

Real estate, as understood by the Gjonaj Group, refers to physical properties and land assets, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as vacant land, that can be bought, sold, developed, or managed for various purposes such as investment, rental income, or business operations.

Fruits & Vegetables

Doni Fruits ltd, established in 2013 in Albania, gained significant expertise in export and wholesale operations in fruits and vegetables. Over the years, the company has cultivated a robust reputation both domestically and internationally. 

Latest News


We embrace and drive innovation in all our sectors,
continously seeking new solutions and technologies to enhance our services and offerings.

Integrated Smart Infrastructure:

Develop an integrated approach to provide smart infrastructure solutions. By incorporating advanced telecommunications technologies into real estate projects, the company can create spaces that are technologically advanced, efficient, and appealing to residents and businesses.


Solar energy is a key component of the global transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Its potential to meet a substantial portion of the world’s energy needs while reducing environmental impacts has led to significant investment, research, and development in the field.



We are always engaged in serious efforts for social welfare, because of moral obligation and sustainability. Our CSR strategy and addresses real social needs.