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“Navigating Global Markets: An Interview with the Sales Visionary at InfoTelecom”

  1. Can you provide an overview of your role as the Global Head of Sales Messaging at INFO-Telecom ICS and how it contributes to the company’s overall success?

In my role as the Global Head of Sales Messaging at INFO-Telecom ICS, I have a critical responsibility within the wholesale department. I play a pivotal role in overseeing and managing various departments, contributing significantly to the company’s success and growth in the SMS and Omni-channel market. Some key aspects of my role include:


Departmental Supervision: I oversee several vital departments, including sales, procurement, support, and development. This comprehensive approach ensures effective management of all aspects of our wholesale operations.

Business Development: Our focus in the wholesale department revolves around establishing agreements and partnerships with other companies, fostering mutually beneficial business relationships. This is essential for expanding INFO-Telecom’s reach and enhancing our offerings in the market.

Procurement Department: Our procurement team is dedicated to negotiating with our existing suppliers to secure better pricing and broader global coverage. This is crucial for maintaining healthy profit margins and delivering competitive solutions to our clients.

Support Department: The strategic establishment of our support department is aimed at ensuring top-notch customer service. In the SMS market, having reliable 24/7 support can significantly impact client retention and our overall reputation.

 Knowledge Sharing: I am committed to sharing my extensive experience and knowledge with all departments. Regular meetings and communication channels ensure that everyone is well-informed and capable of addressing any challenges or issues effectively.

I fully acknowledge the importance of implementing efficient procedures, especially in emerging service areas like SMS. Developing clear and streamlined procedures can help us enhance our operations, elevate service quality, and ultimately contribute to INFO-Telecom’s success in this dynamic market.

INFO-Telecom ICS is known for its positive company culture, outstanding employees, and a strong reputation, all of which play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining both clients and talent. I firmly believe that INFO-Telecom ICS has experienced rapid growth not solely due to the professionalism of our SMS department but also because we function as a cohesive and dedicated team, akin to a close-knit family.


  1. What are the key objectives and goals for the Sales Messaging team, and how do they align with the company’s broader sales and marketing strategies?


INFO-Telecom ICS has a well-defined strategy aimed at establishing connections with prominent players in the telecommunications and enterprise communication sectors. Our active efforts involve forging partnerships with significant entities such as Twilio, CM Telecom, and Lank Telecom. These strategic alliances hold the potential to unlock new avenues and grant us access to a diverse range of enterprise clients.

Notably, INFO-Telecom ICS has achieved a noteworthy milestone by successfully concluding agreements with Twilio and CM Telecom following several months of dedicated negotiations. This accomplishment is of great significance as it enables INFO-Telecom ICS to tap into the services and extensive customer base of these well-established companies.

Our strategic direction involves the next phase of interconnecting with major enterprise clients, including industry giants like Google, Facebook, Telegram, and Viber. This strategic emphasis underscores our commitment to providing communication solutions tailored to the needs of large-scale enterprises and prominent social media platforms.

Furthermore, we’ve made substantial preparations to establish connections with select enterprise customers, including Viber, Bigo, and IMO. These preparations signify that the groundwork has been meticulously laid out, setting the stage for future collaborations and partnerships.

As part of our expansion strategy, INFO-Telecom ICS has plans to extend our services to local markets, with Albania being the initial focus. Our intent is to establish a dedicated sales department in Albania, targeting a diverse range of local businesses, encompassing supermarkets, gas stations, fashion brands, and restaurants. This strategic move underscores our commitment to offering telecom marketing solutions tailored to businesses at the grassroots level.

In summary, our overarching strategy revolves around targeting enterprise clients by forging connections with major industry players and extending our reach into local markets. Our ultimate goal is to position INFO-Telecom ICS as a key provider of telecom services and marketing campaigns tailored to the unique needs of businesses.

  1. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and telecommunications, what trends have you observed that are shaping the way sales messaging is conducted?

Certainly, here’s a polite paraphrase:

Communication has undergone significant transformation over the years, largely due to the proliferation of mobile devices and the widespread availability of internet connectivity. This evolution has paved the way for messages to be transmitted through a variety of channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and others.

It is anticipated that the communication landscape will not undergo radical changes, and subscribers will continue to receive messages through multiple channels. For instance, banks might opt to send One-Time Passwords (OTPs) through WhatsApp for added convenience, while restaurants may prefer using SMS for their marketing campaigns. This suggests a diversified and adaptable approach to communication.

Furthermore, there is a growing belief that the future of communication lies in AI-powered omnichannel platforms. These platforms have the capability to manage a range of communication channels, including SMS, voice, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. What sets them apart is their ability to tailor message delivery according to the preferences of individual subscribers. This customization not only helps enterprises reduce costs but also enhances their sales efforts.

In summary, the communication landscape is steadily shifting towards a multi-channel approach. Businesses that embrace this shift and offer omnichannel solutions powered by AI are likely to thrive. The capacity to personalize messages based on individual subscriber preferences can result in cost efficiencies and improved sales performance, positioning such companies as more competitive players in the market.


  1. How does INFO-Telecom ICS differentiate itself through its sales messaging compared to competitors in the industry?

INFO-Telecom ICS has cultivated strong relationships with both its suppliers and clients, a cornerstone of success in the telecommunications industry. These relationships have the potential to yield preferential agreements and foster enhanced collaboration.

The company’s adept negotiation skills are held in high esteem, enabling it to secure favorable agreements effectively. This negotiation prowess serves as a significant competitive advantage.

INFO-Telecom ICS‘s agreements extend beyond the typical partnerships one might expect. For instance, exclusive agreements with providers such as Vodafone in Albania or Greece underscore the company’s unique position in the market, setting it apart from competitors. Unlike solely concentrating on One-Time Password (OTP) traffic, INFO-Telecom ICS offers a diverse array of services, encompassing areas like legal marketing, notifications, alerts, and more. This diversification enables the company to tap into various market segments.

Additionally, the INFO-Telecom ICS team possesses extensive knowledge of global markets, including regions in Europe and Africa. This market acumen plays a pivotal role in negotiations and aids in comprehending pricing dynamics across diverse geographical areas. The team’s unwavering commitment to working around the clock holds immense significance in the telecommunications sector, where any downtime can lead to service disruptions and customer dissatisfaction. Being available 24/7 ensures uninterrupted service delivery and support.


  1. Can you share some successful sales messaging strategies or campaigns that have significantly impacted the company’s bottom line or market position?

INFO-Telecom ICS faces certain challenges in maintaining a unified and effective sales messaging strategy on a global scale. One significant challenge is the reliance on bilateral business agreements, which can be unpredictable. To address this challenge, INFO-Telecom ICS has adopted a strategy that prioritizes clients with organic traffic, aiming to establish a stable and consistent stream of business. This approach reduces dependence on fluctuating bilateral agreements, which can be less dependable over the long term. Bilateral agreements often require traffic reciprocity, which can be difficult to maintain. By targeting clients who do not insist on bilateral agreements, INFO-Telecom ICS can avoid the complexities and uncertainties associated with such arrangements. This strategy aligns with sustainability by allowing INFO-Telecom ICS to focus on building enduring relationships with clients that provide organic traffic.

Additionally, INFO-Telecom ICS benefits from working with major clients like Twilio and Google, which enhances its market positioning and reputation. These prestigious partnerships can attract more business opportunities and contribute to the company’s success.

In summary, INFO-Telecom ICS‘s strategy of prioritizing clients with organic traffic while minimizing bilateral business arrangements is a prudent approach for achieving stability, sustainability, and a strong market position


  1. What role does data and analytics play in optimizing sales messaging strategies, and how does INFO-Telecom ICS leverage data to make informed decisions?

Data analysts have the capability to gather extensive details about INFO-Telecom ICS‘s clients and suppliers, encompassing contact information, transaction histories, and communication preferences. They also engage in the collection and examination of pricing data, categorizing it by supplier, country, and service. This valuable data aids INFO-Telecom ICS in making well-informed decisions related to pricing strategies, cost-efficiency measures, and potential negotiations with suppliers. Furthermore, data analysts are proficient in computing revenue and margin figures across different regions, clients, and services. These insights serve as a compass for strategic choices, allowing for adjustments such as shifting focus towards regions or clients that yield higher profitability.

By identifying scenarios where a substantial portion of revenue or margin relies on a limited number of clients, INFO-Telecom ICS can proactively address the risk associated with being overly dependent on a few key accounts. Insights derived from data analysis can trigger modifications in the company’s approach. For instance, if certain regions are identified as generating high revenue but low margins, INFO-Telecom ICS can contemplate changes in pricing or service offerings. To sum it up, the role of a data analyst is pivotal in steering INFO-Telecom ICS towards data-driven decision-making, streamlining operations, and enhancing the overall strategic framework. Leveraging data insights enables the company to gain a deeper understanding of its market, pinpoint growth prospects, and effectively manage risks in a competitive industry.


  1. What challenges do you face in maintaining a unified and effective sales messaging strategy on a global scale, and how do you overcome them?

Many companies typically engage in bilateral business arrangements, which can present significant challenges. INFO-Telecom ICS, however, has implemented a strategic shift towards prioritizing clients with organic traffic while aiming to reduce its dependence on bilateral agreements. This shift allows the company to establish a steady and dependable stream of business, reducing reliance on fluctuating bilateral deals, which may prove less reliable in the long run. Bilateral agreements often necessitate a mutual exchange of traffic, which can be difficult to sustain. INFO-Telecom ICS‘s focus on clients who are more flexible regarding bilateral agreements helps the company sidestep the complexities and uncertainties associated with such arrangements. This strategic approach also aligns with sustainability, as INFO-Telecom ICS can avoid the constant need to pursue and renegotiate bilateral agreements. Instead, the company can concentrate on cultivating enduring relationships with clients who naturally provide consistent traffic.

Moreover, INFO-Telecom ICS benefits from its collaborations with major clients like Twilio and Google, which elevate its market positioning and reputation. These esteemed partnerships are viewed as prestigious affiliations and have the potential to attract additional business opportunities.

In summary, INFO-Telecom ICS‘s strategy of prioritizing clients with organic traffic while minimizing reliance on bilateral agreements appears to be a prudent approach for achieving stability, sustainability, and a robust market position.


  1. INFO-Telecom ICS likely serves a diverse customer base. How do you tailor sales messaging to resonate with different customer personas and industries?

From my perspective, INFO-Telecom ICS places significant importance on the cultivation and maintenance of strong client relationships. This approach, which prioritizes gaining a deep understanding of each client’s individual needs and delivering customized solutions, can prove highly effective in establishing trust and nurturing enduring partnerships. It involves the identification and resolution of unique challenges faced by each client, addressing their specific problems comprehensively. This personalized approach often leads to more successful outcomes and heightened client satisfaction. Tailoring our services to align precisely with the specific requirements of each client can provide a heightened level of value and contribute to increased client loyalty. Collaborating closely with account managers and other client-facing teams within our clients’ organizations serves as an effective means to gain insights into their distinct needs and challenges.


  1. How do you measure the success of your sales messaging efforts, and what KPIs or metrics do you track to assess performance?

This is an excellent question. In companies worldwide, at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing – the financial aspect. If a company has the necessary financial resources, everything tends to run smoothly. However, if there’s a shortage of funds, it becomes a problem that requires investigation. One of my primary responsibilities is to closely monitor this financial aspect. My second key responsibility is to assess my team’s key performance indicators (KPIs). I engage in daily discussions with the sales department to ensure that they are aligning their efforts with the communication strategies we’ve put in place. I also reach out to our clients for follow-ups, aiming to gain deeper insights into their needs and expectations. 

INFO-Telecom ICS places a strong emphasis on fostering teamwork and collaboration across different departments to ensure both client satisfaction and overall business success. Additionally, our procurement department plays a vital role in finding solutions even if they are not currently within our service offerings, demonstrating our willingness to adapt and meet client requirements. These fundamental principles are instrumental in building trust with our clients and, in the end, contribute to cultivating long-lasting relationships and achieving success in our business endeavors.

  1. Finally, how do you see the future of sales messaging evolving, and what are your long-term goals for INFO-Telecom ICS in this regard?

I’m personally feeling quite positive and content because I can see a bright future for INFO-Telecom ICS, positioning it alongside other major companies. We are embarking on the journey of building our enterprise Omni-channel platform and more. We are fortunate to have an exceptional team, and my aspiration is to elevate our status to the level of renowned companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, and others.


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