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An Inside Look with InfoTelecom’s Executive

  1. To start, could you please introduce yourself and provide an overview of your role as the Global Head of Voice Sales at Infotelecom Ics?

Hello, as you know I have started my telecom journey with Infotelecom 10 years ago.

I started as an Account Manager than as the years passed, I grew along with the company until getting promoted and now handling the sales team ( Emea + Apac/Latam)

Initially it was only related to a smaller overview of my portfolio but having to deal with the “bigger plan” and creating the strategies for all the team to be in synchrony with the company objective was something very challenging and exciting at the same time.

Info has more than 400 active intercos, and every manager (it is 12 of us) has a portfolio of 25-35 accounts, where each needs its special attention and is treated with absolute distinctive care, the flexibility we have is one of the strongest things that keeps our core running efficiently.

Creating the sales positions for every product along with the destination manager of the regions is our daily task, as we live in a very dynamic market, so adapting to market trends is what distinguishes us from others.


  1. How has the landscape of voice communication in the telecommunications industry evolved in recent years, and what trends are shaping the future of voice industry?

We all know that before the introduction of the applications that provide voice calls for free the volumes existing in the world were much higher (I would say up to 10 + times compared to what is now)

Technology development has inducted telecom aggregators to adapt to a new reality. how I see the voice market is now a well-established place, and the trend is to work more efficiently, being more selective with partners that we work with and also having even more focus on quality

One of the main reasons why we have managed to continue growing in a shrinking market, is the reliability of our services and also the “know how” which has been developed during these years to come closer to the needs of the operators, aggregators, enterprises, MVNO etc.

The more time passes the more “exclusive” the voice part of the industry becomes, seeing so many companies close or shift to other markets (such as SMS) during this time especially during covid period, makes us even more proud of how we are managing our relations and business.

Future is hard to be predicted, especially in a field where there are new developments every week, that might change the way we see things drastically , however one thing is for sure in my opinion , people will still communicate always , and the piece of the pie that has been removed from them Apps is already been established , as internet is widespread in all the world now and also access to devices is easy and cheap for everyone  , so voice calls clients will remain unchanged at the moment we speak , as It is still the best , most reliable and safe way to communicate , especially for businesses and enterprises which value this important details.


  1. What are the primary products and services offered by Infotelecom ICS in the voice domain, and how do they follow the market trends?

Info is one of the few companies having all services based in in house solutions.

Even though we started more than a decade ago only as a local fix operator, the hunger of growing has pushed us to follow all trends and provide a variety of services connected to the voice business.

Other than voice termination, we offer different quality products with dedicated routing, quality monitoring systems , routing, billing, antifraud systems etc. All working integrated by computed power along with human monitoring 24/7 that is backed up by a very large database that not only has information on the past events, but also due to a very sophisticated AI makes predictions and preventions that are provided and controlled in real time.

In essence, it would be more fitting to inquire about what services we do not provide, given the breadth and depth of our offerings. 😊


  1. Could you share some insights into the Companies Infotelecom is seeing as target to expand in this time?

Is interesting to see how now we are trying to expand our direct footprint also with direct operators that before was unthinkable to be in touch with, especially in the Asia and Latam regions, as this is where we are putting efforts to grow more.

Thankfully we have always had an excellent team of professionals that have assisted in this process. I would say we still have a lot to work on and is important to understand that there is room for improvement and growth.

We are already finalizing some very interesting and big new contracts that I think will bring an extra added value, and why not start putting us on the Radar on Regions far from our start point.


  1. What strategies does your team empower to stay competitive and effectively promote voice solutions in a crowded marketplace, ensuring the voice sales team is aligned with the vision of Infotelecom ICS?

As I mentioned above, the most important and challenging objective is to work simultaneously all in one line of thinking.

And by all, I mean all teams, Finance, Back office, Noc and Technical, Developer team, and last but not least the sales team.

In this moment being quality focused, having very healthy financials, and always giving assurances for what we guarantee at the same time being very adaptive in a super dynamic market has brought us where we are.

And I think focus will remain in these grounds and grow further as we expand.


  1. What role does technology play in this industry landscape, and how is Infotelecom ICS leveraging innovations to enhance its voice communication solutions?

Technology as is very important and helpful, is also something that creates huge impact on the way things work, and sometimes manifests negative repercussions for some of the concerned parts of this mechanism.

In our case the end user has had a great magnification when it comes to access to services and always at lower costs, but in the end, it is the competition that improves all the services.

I would say even though the technology has impacted negatively generally in this particular part of the business, it has helped to focus more on quality, relations and also to filter out and automate processes and improve each step of them,

Fortunately, being “self-sufficient” in the systems and well aware of the surroundings has kept us one step ahead always, and with current market trends we are focusing every day more on providing services directly to the source.

Might it be an enterprise, local business, international aggregator, application provider, network owner – having high tech solutions will always play an important role that gives the spotlight to market leaders which sometimes become also market makers.


  1. Looking ahead, what are your goals and strategies for the future of voice at Infotelecom ICS, and how do you anticipate the industry evolving?

Seeing how we are focusing on different markets and increasing our footprint and also having an objective to grow not only in size but also in quality, even though it is going to be a bumpy ride, we will evolve along with the industry.

I believe this business will self-regulate by end user needs, and technology will be every day closer to help us reach what we seek.

Generally, we deal with time that people spend to communicate with each other, and we want this to be the best experience for them, so we will work every day harder and smarter to keep doing what we do best, however the industry evolves this will always be the right path!


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