Gjonaj Group Holdings

Dear Partner,

We seek valued collaborators like you who could bring the best on the impact of working with worldwide companies such as WINDTRE Italy. This letter is to introduce and ask for a partnership with your organization.

ProMarketing is part of Gjonaj Group Holdings which is present with its companies in 13 countries around the world in the fields of telecommunication, energy sales and production, marketing (digital business services), real estate and hospitality, and export and wholesale operations. A dynamic team of business professionals managing the companies of the group has created long-term cooperation with global companies in more than 50 countries, due to its ongoing operations in various regions of the world.

ProMarketing is consolidated as an Albanian leader in digital business services, blending the best of advanced technology with human empathy BPO. Founded in September 2011, ProMarketing involves multiple services. The primary goal is to cut costs, free up time, and focus on core aspects of the business. Located between Albania and Italy to ensure the best of customer needs, ProMarketing as one of the most pivotal players, collaborates with Vodafone and Windtre Italy and has more than 300 employees.

Please reach us in the following way that you would wish:

  • Have a look at our services on our official page, promarketingal.com
  • Let us know if you wish us to visit you.
  • We welcome you to our offices to talk about possible collaborations.
  • Have an online meeting together about how to work on subcontract-defining conditions.

We are ready to create job opportunities, mentorships, and industry tours.

Please call (+355697096907) or email us at ([email protected]) to get started.


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